Masonic Home of Florida Dining Sample Menu



Breakfast is served daily at 7 a.m. A regular menu is provided, but residents can order whatever they prefer, made to order and prepared per their request.

Lunch is served daily at 12 noon, and is our largest meal of the day. The menu offerings include a choice of two soups, two meats, low fat chicken or fish, sandwiches, two starches, two vegetables, two to four salads, two desserts, fruit, cottage cheese, Jello, pudding, and applesauce.

Dinner is served daily at 5 p.m. Generally, dinner options include soup, salad plate and choice of sandwich. As a special treat, every other Sunday is our resident pizza night!

Sample Menu

  • Classic Quiche

  • Golden Pancakes

  • Traditional Breakfast

  • Pastry and Breads

  • Cheese Omelet

  • French Toast

  • Amazing Salads

  • Roasted Chicken

  • Fresh Fish

  • Grilled Chicken

  • Fiesta Lasagna