Volunteer helping an old lady

Thriving on the Strength of

Our Community

As a non-profit organization, we exist thanks to the generosity of others. Every day we see the benefits in countless ways, the most visible of which are all the ways people in our larger community step in to help.

Volunteer reading a book to an old lady

Volunteer Opportunities

Our residents love seeing new faces and we love volunteers from all over the community. Volunteer opportunities include in-room visits, holiday decorating, assisting with programs and activities, special events, shopping trips, dining, and helping us keep our grounds looking beautiful. 

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and feel comfortable working with older adults who may have physical and/or cognitive limitations. As a helper, your job is to follow instructions and cooperate with our department heads and all staff. The best qualities in volunteers are patience, tact, enthusiasm, follow-through, and a cheerful disposition.


Events Hosted by Our Masonic Community

Florida is home to more than 30 Masonic districts and more than 40,000 individual Masons who help make Masonic Home of Florida so special. Our staff and residents are thrilled to enjoy the company of so many of them during on-campus events and community excursions. From activity days to less formal events, and by participating as Lodges or as a family, our Masonic family makes a powerful difference in the lives of our residents.

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